Carburizing Gas Supply System

Carburizing Gas Supply System

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(I) Endothermic Gas Generator

Theory of gas generation : when gas mixes with air and under high-temperatured catalyst, gas becomes : 
CmHn+0.5(O2+4N2)→mCO+0.5nH2+2N2 Itadopts the American-made WAUKEE gas controlling protection system. It is matched with an American MMI oxygen detector, together automatic control and gas stabilization.
The calorific system adopts the Swedish KANTHAL. bar-shaped calorific system. The calorific efficiency is high and the life is long. When maintenance or repairing is made, it is not necessary to open the furnace cover. The calorific agent can be replaced easily. 
A high-efficiency exchanger is designed. It can ensure high stability of carburizing gas formation, high carbon inside the furnace.

(II) Methanol、Toluene System

The use of methanol and toluene can replace a gas generator to create carburizing gas for use. The cost of equipment is low. And the operation and additament are simple and easy. The starting and stopping of the carburizing gas addition is very easy. It is suitable for continuous operation and intermittent operation.

(III) Carburizing & Nitriding System

Adding a small quantity of ammonia gas into the carburizing furnace can proceed nitriding settle ment. The surface of the product can becme harder, the hardness of core can be controlled. and the brightness can be increased. Besides, it accelerates the carburizing speed and evenness. The cost of the equipment increase is low, and the operation management is easy.
It can reduce the temerature of settlement. It is suitable for working and settlement of the thin and long products which have to avoid being bended or deformed. It saves energy.
It is suitable for the carburizing and nitriding settlement of carbon steel and stainless steel. 

MODEL Gas Producing
L X W X H(m/m)
CCF-GF-1 25 35 2000X1200X2200
CCF-GF-2 25 35 2000X1200X2200
CCF-GF-3 35 40 2000X1200X2200
CCF-GF-4 45 40 2000X2200X2300
CCF-GF-5 55 45 2000X2200X2400
CCF-GF-6 60 45 2000X2300X2400
CCF-GF-7 70 65 2000X2300X2500
CCF-GF-8 90 65 2000X2300X2600