Continous Bright Carburizing(Tempering) Furnace

Continous Bright Carburizing(Tempering) Furnace

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Versatile uses for parts heat treatment

For carburizing heat treatment to self-tapping screws, drlling screws, wall scerws, drlling screws well screws, wood screws, nuts. For tempering treatment to high-tension screws nuts.
For tempering treatment to hand tools like adjust able spanners, hexagon spanners, screw drivers, pipe tongs.
For carburzing heat treatment to car screws, rolling axles, connecting links, piston cotters, diving shaft bicycle parts.


Uniform Charge Feeder System

The elevating feeder, being matched with a magnetic feeder, can continuously, economically and evenly convey the small parts into the quenching furnace.
The conveying net of quenching furnace is out of an overlapping weaving by SUS310S stainless steel wires. The driving system adopts chains to drive the roller bearing. The machine can be operated stably and its life is long. The quality of roller bearing is SUS310S stainless steel.