Temperature Auto-control System

Temperature Auto-control System

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Control System (I) Conventional PLC

Use the PLC to replace the traditional complicated spots. It simplifies wiring and lincrease convenience for maintenance and in crease.
When the controloing spots are less. It is more economical and the operation is easier.

Control System (II) Powerful PLC

The whole set of heating system is controlled by the American-made HONEYWELL PLC computer program. It has the functions of automatic detecting diagnosis and alarm.
It can adopt the Chinese software operation systems, such as WINDOWS 3.1 CORES UNIX, etc. for operators to operate and practice for familiarity.
Only by suing a main machine, several machines on the production line can be under detection and control. the price is low. And it has strong potential for expansion.
Its strong PID measurement function completely replaces the traditional methods as adopted by temperature of furnace, situation of carbon, speed, and combustion burner, etc. It can record all the production information data. It can use the software of EXCEL and AUTOCAD for statistical analysis and drawing.